Doris Hatt, 1890-1969

Dear everyone! Greetings from the chilly outpost of your empire!
I came across Doris Hatt


by accident when a local SW England gallery sent me details of an exhibition of her work and I was very taken with them. I had never heard of her despite living for some years very near her modernist house in Clevedon


where she lived from the late 1920s. By then she had studied art at the RCA, Goldsmiths and then, more significantly, Paris, where she fell under the spell of Braque, Picasso and Leger. In a typically English way she adapted and softened their work. Her friend Le Corbusier certainly influenced the style of her house which she built in the 1930s. She planned her work meticulously, simplifying but emphasising the essential elements. This style was used extensively in the mid C20 on dust wrappers round books. Here are three of her works. if I can manage it I’ll post a Prampolini, a Picasso and a Léger for comparison. Her lifelong partner was the weaver Margery MackSmith and the two of them promoted art and Communism in the pubs and meeting places in Clevedon. They must have seemed VERY radical in such a sleepy seaside town! She never developed a connection with any London galleries so did not get as much publicity as she I think she deserved but she was an interesting and original artist until her death in 1965. I hope you enjoy the paintings too!


Doris Hatt, Still Life, Café au Lait, 1957, oil on board, 51 x 62 cm, Private Collection


Doris Hatt, Parisian Street, 1955, 13 x 10 cm, Private Collection


Doris Hatt, Tower of London, 1920s, watercolour, Private Collection


Here are the three pictures for comparison!
Firstly Enrico Pramplini’s Mussolini’s Blackshirts, then Picasso’s The Factory then Ferdinand Leger’s Three Women

Here are the three pictures for comparison!
Firstly Enrico Prampolini’s Mussolini’s Blackshirts, then Picasso’s The Factory, then Fernand Léger’s Three Women


Enrico Prampolini, Camicie Nere, 1933



Pablo Picasso, L’Usine, Horta de Ebro, 1909, oil on canvas, 51 x 60 cm, Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Fernand Léger, Trois femmes, 1922, oil on canvas, 184 x 252 cm, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, USA

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