Camille Pissarro, La Cueillette des pois

A painting which has been claimed by the inheritors of the original owner


Camille Pissarro, La Cueillette des pois, 1887, gouache on canvas, Private Collection

The painting was lent to the Musée Marmottan, by its present American owners, Bruce and Robbi Toll, who had bought it from Christie’s in 1995, for $800,000. The relatives of Simon Bauer, a wealthy businessman whose assets were seized in 1943 by the anti-Semitic wartime French government that collaborated with the Nazis, sued for the return of the painting. A court in May 2017 granted the Bauer descendants request to have the painting impounded, and since then a further decision has been made to have it returned to the Bauer family.

BT, 17 October 2017, Meeting No 3

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