Dorothea Sharp, ROI, RBA


A photograph of Dorothea Sharp, taken in about 1940.

Dorothea Sharp was born in Dartford, UK, in 1874 to middle class parents, and died in London in 1955 at the age of 81.

She showed no particular aptitude for art as a young girl, but at the age of twenty one she enrolled at Richmond Art School, having inherited £100 from an uncle. From there she moved to the Regent Street Polytechnic where her work was admired by George Clausen and David Murray, both of whom were visiting critics of the Polytechnic Sketch Club.

David Murray was the son of a boot maker and studied at the Glasgow School of Art. George Clausen was the son of a decorative painter of Danish descent, who studied at the Académie Julian in Paris.

Dorthea went on to Paris, where she encountered the work of the impressionists, and partlcularly that of Claude Monet. This had a great influence on her, and resulted in her highly impressionist style and spontaneity which she adopted for the rest of her life.

She exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1901 to 1948.

In the the 1920s and 1930s she travelled in Europe and to St ives, Cornwall, where she met fellow artist Marcella Smith, who became a lifelong friend.

Left Roger Fry, Portrait of Dorothea Sharp, and right Harold Harvey, Portrait of Dorothea Sharp

Four flower paintings

Roses, with detail

The following work was presented as by Dorothea Sharp, but unidentified



MH, Meeting No22, 7 August 2018



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